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Since 1985, the company SETT Transports, family company of freight road transport, and its subsidiary RT Logistique, accompany you in your transport and logistic needs. Quality, reactivity et availability are our key words but also our strenghts. Indeed, we offer a whole range of services to cover all of your needs, and our teams, continually at your disposal, make every effort to ensure the best time and quality services

Customized solutions

We offer tailor-made services, so we will inevitably find a solution adapted to your needs.

When you want, where you want

Delivery on time: We are specialists in delivery by appointment.

A quarter century

For 30 years, SETT has been serving french retail professionals


Our entire fleet is made up of the new Euro 5 and Euro 6, with controlled carbon consumption. A recent park that we renew every 4 years. Energy savings but above all, a reduced environmental impact. A fleet of 15 vehicles for your perfect control of your flows is at your service.

A connected fleet

We own our own vehicles, so we control the entire supply chain, from the warehouse to your home. In addition, the entire fleet is connected to a geolocation module for securing and tracking your shipments. You can ask your customer manager for access to this module to track certain sensitive shipments. We provide you with this service without any additional cost.

Mastery above all

We have a WMS for managing and organizing your feeds. This tool can easily interface with your WMS that handles the shipment, or we can make it available to you in an open input module.


Our territorial network

Discover our territorial network and the daily connections that we provide. For more details, please contact us.


General merchandise

Mainly oriented large food distribution, we ensure the warehouse and store supplies in full batch or half batches. The capacity of our vehicles amounts to 33 pallets Europe.

The plateau pole

Our “plateau” type vehicles allow the transport of goods such as: building materials, timber, timber or indivisible masses. Our trays are made of aluminum to guarantee the best possible payload.

The home delivery pole

Thanks to the introduction of specific semi-city vehicles with on-board trolley, we ensure the delivery of your goods to private individuals. The delivered products are usually heating products, green spaces, cereals, swimming pools or terraces.

Regional distribution

Serving the last mile through our urban logistics solution, we ensure kidnappings and distribution of the Rhône Alpes region and the Paca region via our Pontcharra agency. This activity is available for any type of volume from 1 to 33 pallets with or without tailgate. This service also offers car rental with driver.

National distribution

SETT now covers the entire national territory for 80% of its clientele for French supermarkets, food and non-food, as well as several manufacturers with national coverage. 90% of our business is managed by a clean park, the remaining 10% is managed by contractors.

International distribution

Our park own as international distribution area Northern Italy (Piedmont Region). For more details about our international travel, do not hesitate to contact us.

SETT in figures

Discover your carrier in a few figures.

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